What is a myth and why do people believe them?

What is a and why do people believe them-


Myths of all kinds have been around for many MANY years. They have and continue to play a huge role in many different cultures around the world. They also have a big impact on each person’s personal opinion and judgement.

But what exactly is a myth?

A myth is an idea that is held by many people, but is often a misinterpretation of the truth.

Myths can be formed almost anywhere. From stories people make up on their own to outside sources such as media outlets. If the source is persuasive enough, they can convince others to believe the myth they have created. Anyone could create one, which makes them hard to believe, right?

We are all subject to myths because we believe things that people tell us rather then searching for the facts ourselves. Maybe not all of us, but we have all done this at one point in our lives. It’s time to break the habit of believing everything we hear and to start challenging those ideas with a little research.

One of the topics full of many misconceptions is life insurance. People either know very little or nothing at all about life insurance and believe anything they hear due to lack of personal experience. I was one of those people.

Previously, I knew nothing about life insurance besides the name itself. I couldn’t tell you one thing about it if you asked me. However, as an intern for a company that deals with insurance on a daily basis, I have learned a lot about what it is and the realities behind it.

Most of what you hear from other people is in no way true. That’s why I’m here to bust the myths and dispel the misconceptions so many people have on life insurance.

Life insurance has many hidden benefits and perks that most don’t know about and it’s time to uncover the truth.

Check out Penn Mutual’s Myth video to learn more!


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