Millennial Madness: Why Young People Should Care About Their Financial Future

Milennial Madness (1)

Although I just missed the cut off to be considered a member of the millennial generation, I know what their money mindset is. Most people in their 20’s are thinking about their future, but not financially. They assume after graduating college, they will get a decent paying job and everything will fall into place. That certainly isn’t the case.

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Retirement is a fact of life. Most people will eventually grow too old to generate a steady income and will want to settle down. But where will their money come from? 401 K accounts, Social Security and more help provide for those people who cannot work any more. However, there is more too it than just that. Today, we will dispel the myths associated with retirement planning and uncover the truth to help you plan for a better future.

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Life Insurance is Death Protection ONLY.

Death Protection

“Why spend money on something so morbid?” 

“What’s it’s purpose anyway?”

Why would I invest my money in something used after I die?

“I’m too young to think about life insurance.”

“If you don’t have a spouse or children, there is not point of getting life insurance.”

These are probably all things you’ve either heard or thought about when thinking about permanent life insurance. 

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